MIrabai and Micha’s Wedding

Mirabai, Kalyani, and Nitai

Mirabai, Kalyani, and Nitai

Mirabai, Joia, Sabari, and Kiya

Mirabai, Joia, Sabari, and Kiya

Mirabai and Nitai

Mirabai and Nitai

Mirabai, Micha, and Kalyani

Mirabai, Micha, and Kalyani

From Krishnadas and Mantradevi: Mirabai and Micha’s wedding was one of the most beautiful, love filled, and joyfully entertaining wedding and reception we have ever been to. Everyone was included in their love and graciousness.

From Peter and Mandala Skillman: First impression: What a wonderful, accomplished and fine person Mirabai’s husband, Micha is.  The love, friendship and mutual respect they have for each other is deep and abiding.  Next impression: The presence of loyal Ananda-born friendships.  Mirabai’s Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids were all children who lived at Ananda Village and have maintained their friendships over the years.  Final impression – Mirabai’s dance ministry and community. The impressive love and appreciation Mirabai’s dance students have for her as their teacher was very obvious during the reception.

From Shankari and Hara: Mirabai and Micha’s wedding was astrally delightful! It seemed Mirabai suddenly appeared out of the forest as she descended a pathway toward her dear Micha, who was standing at the altar. The sun caught sparkling light radiating from Mirabai’s entire form and the full-length, softly white and jeweled dress. Mirabai’s strawberry blond hair, wrapped in a strand of pearls, finished her stunning appearance. An audible “Ahh” raised up from the audience of more than 300 guests filling each side of the hillside lawn aisle. The most beautiful and touching sight of all, though, was the love in the eyes of the bride and groom, unanimously confirmed by the approving smiles of all the guests!

Themes of Love and Dedicated Devotion highlighted the ceremony, performed by Nayaswami Bhavani. Love and Devotion permeated the vows spoken by Mirabai and Micha, the special message from Mirabai’s father, Nayaswami Nitai, and the lovely singing by her mother Kalyani, and dearly expressed from Mirabai’s brother Prem and his wife, Terri.  A beautiful troupe of singers complemented the songs and performed sweet melodies as well. The beaming couple were supported by a regal string of bridesmaids and best men. Micha’s twin brother led the best men, while his angelic nieces were exquisite flower girls. All of this made this wedding a lasting memory as hearts were touched in divine joy over this union.

At the large Allegro Ballroom in Berkeley, guests enjoyed a magnificent potluck dinner reception where guests were all treated to dramatic and dancing performances by Mirabai, Micha, a magician, and several of the couple’s dear friends. During the “first dance”, Mirabai’s steps seemed to not touch the floor; she truly appeared to float across the floor! More performances, stories and readings were given and held deep meaning for this very special occasion. The evening was topped off with a gathering of Micha’s band and a re-creation of his “flash mob” proposal to Mirabai. (Yes, Swamiji was there and enjoyed the celebration.)

From Sudarshan: I was very pleased to feel the friendly and comfortable vibration at Mirabai and Micha’s wedding.  They obviously did a lot of preparation, but they were relaxed too, and I felt right at home even though I didn’t know the majority of the guests.  This feeling carried right through the reception too.  Mirabai and Micha seem to have found a special community of friends who are active, alive and interested in high vibrations.  It was a joy to be a part of the celebration.

Mirabai and Micha’s wedding was truly memorable.  It was held at Kennedy Grove, a recreation area in the El Sobrante hills, surrounded by giant eucalyptus trees.  Nayaswami Bhavani Girard presided over the beautiful ceremony.

From Prem and Terri: The reception was held at the Allegro Ballroom dance studio in Emeryville (where Mirabai teaches tango).  Around 300 well-wishers attended.  It was spectacular with musical performances by Micha, Mirabai and her dance students, including a skit that depicted how the couple met and got together.  There were inspiring toasts from family and friends.  The vegetarian potluck and wedding cake were sumptuous.  It was truly a gala to be cherished and remembered!


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