Tuning into Higher Guidance

All cultures make some reference to the possibility of receiving guidance from a higher source. Conscience, intuition, inspiration, guardian angels, spirit guides, etc. are all examples. In these two exercises we explore the limitations of focussing on the senses and the possibility of opening ourselves to higher sources.

Step 1: Likes and Dislikes

     a) Fill out the Likes and Dislikes Chart

     b) Find another person who has a strong difference of opinion about at least one item and    discuss why you feel that way.

     c) Repeat step b with at least two other people

     d) Have a discussion about how likes and dislikes differ among people, how they change over time even within the same person, and how they are an unreliable source of lasting happiness.

Step 2: Higher Guidance

     a) Arrange a simple obstacle course on a flat surface using chairs or other objects

     b) Divide into pairs (one adult and one child if possible)

     c) One person is blindfolded; the partner acts as guide.

     d) Explain that the blindfolded person will be guided in silence through the maze, with the

            guide communicating only through light taps on the shoulder or arm.

     e) Once the couple has reached the goal, remove the blindfold, walk back to the beginning

            and exchange roles.

Step 3: Hold a discussion of what it was like to be blindfolded, and to be the guide. Ask people to share their experiences of using guidance in everyday life, especially noting the feelings that happen when this kind of guidance is followed.

Step 4: (optional) Show the Disney movie “Pinocchio” and end with a brief sharing of comments.


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